Cost Consulting

The major goal of this function is to provide cost estimates and advise for all types of construction projects. To ensure a meaningful return on investment, we provide independent, objective, and value-driven advice on the complete range of construction and property costs. The successful fulfilment of our client's project objectives and outcomes is dependent on good cost management. Eesha's Cost Consultancy practice is a dynamic group of solutions-oriented professionals relentlessly focused on superior outcomes for clients. Eesha's cost management services provide speicalized expertise across project life cycles to reduce client risk, improve value and deliver positive outcomes.

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Any business, we believe, is weak if it lacks professional integrity. Prioritizing professionalism over knowledge and expertise is a priority for our staff.

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To be the most sought-after consulting firm in all of the geographies where we do business.


Most of our clients have benefited from better performance, efficiency, and profitability as a result of our work on a variety of projects.